About Us

Established in 2014, Eh-Yo!! is a community building initiative to improve everyday boredom and involvement in communities.

Every minute of the day, we can collect our reigns and blame somthing new for our problems. The chances are more than success, you will find the contrary sitting quietly bothered. At Eh-Yo!! we understand that and would like to re-establish an alternative to the "improvised" acting upon meetings and greetings.

The diversity of concurred let downs and hard work haven't been paid the proper respect and its stagnation keeps growing into newer problems. And heres to a piece that will help cooperation function in fairness to different roles not being fulfilled by people in societal obligation of the respective responsibility; by choice or inheritance that breeds an ignorance.

With that EH-YO!! brings to its community: care, fun, entertainment, proactive solutions for those who need it. The micro management strategy will establish a healthier feel to the city, matching the reputed Canadian infrastructure. It employs creativity, entertainment, written articles, controversies, arguments, humor, news and functions itself a business remitting the things it employs into a service with a vision. Eh-Yo!! Puts something where there wasn't a permission to beat the problems of government and feel less criminally convicted about the passing time to be humanly responsible in regards to the city being a student in the global community.

I look to earn money for taking part in tidying up government functions, improving professionals in professions, occupations, and services available to us.

Thanks for joinging us.