Training Courses & Activities

Because EH-YO!! is environmentally considerate in participating to the unwasteful economical avaricious development extravaganza, and friendly to the sentiment that academy needn't be a confinement or a prison; but rather, it should be the proliferating stipule of discrete principles and propritious advances to equity life an honorable eternity.

In our first prolegomenon in building an academy, our course and activities are basic stuff! The links will be up, as soon as we have the course materials reconciled. 

1) The EH-YO!!
- The Culture, Why we "Yo"
- The Lines (Limitation and Extents)
- Gossip
- Unscramble a siren
- EH-YO!! (Making your own siren based on our course material).

2) Hustle & Grind
- Assuming the relentless reciprocity of the profound sales culture.
- Deconstructing the Wrong
- Reconnaissance and Stenciled Rectification
- A Distopian Boredom

3) Bosswork 101
- Being a boss!!
- Employing and Employment
- Unemployment
- Leaders and Leadership
- Social Responsibility
- Our Gimmicks